Yin and yang is a symbol of the two main and opposite types of energy. Typically this image represents two completely opposite phenomenon: yang – white, yin – black, yang – good, the yin – evil yang – life, yin – death. But in spite of their opposite designation, these characters can not exist without its opposite, no yin without yang and yin without yang no. Dying (yin) plant turns into a part of the soil and gives life (yang) to other plants. After a sunny day (yang) comes a moonlit night (yin). The most common symbol of the balance of yin-yang is a circle divided by a wavy line into two equal parts: the black and white. Thus, this symbol indicates the continuity and harmony of opposing universal forces. Perhaps a person wearing  Ying Yang tattoos demonstrates his or her philosophical nature, the struggle of opposites or duality of the character.

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