Mexican tattoos are usually bright and brave. As a rule they are based on three inspirations: Aztec history, religion and underworld. Death, skulls, smoke and other terrifying pictures take a big part in the subculture of Mexican tattooing. All in all Mexican and Aztec tattoos are known for their grey and black shading. They involve a lot of smoke and snakes. As well as other types of pictures, for example, more pleasant and calm swallows, spider’s webs and scales of justice, up to the present moment Mexican tattoos have been adopted by prisoners and gangsters like status pictures, which decorate any parts of the body.

Mexican Catrina Skull Tattoo Design

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Mexican catrina skull tattoo design has always been a popular image. In general everything associated with the cult of death, such as a cross, a skull, a snake and a crow, is in trend. These pictures are not only a tribute to worship and respect for the deceased, but also a piicture, which symbolizes rebirth and resilience. Another motif in this kind of tattoo is Calavera or Sugar Skull, which in recent years is experiencing the peak of its popularity.

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